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Have you ever had a consultant actualy save you money?

cbbHow We Begin

The Business Technology Review is the first step in matching technology with your business needs. A In-site Technologies consultant sits down with you, as a representative of your business, and learns how your company operates. Since every business has a unique personality with individual goals and quirks, we work with you to understand the day-to-day processes that makes your organization tick. Once we have an idea of how your particular business operates, we work with you to formulate a plan that utilizes your current and new technologies to streamline your daily operations and critical tasks. This plan looks at the short-term gains as well as the long-term advantages you could achieve through strategic technology upgrades.


We Don't Stop There

Once we have a developed a plan that fits your budget and comfort level, we work with you to develop an ongoing plan to maintain your systems, adapt to the changing business environment and expected growth. We also help you develop a technology roadmap and budget so you can plan for your system growth rather than deal with it as a large, unexpected expense.


Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive plan that integrates your technology into your businesses, seamlessly and efficiently, to save you money and give you a competitive advantage. Information technology doesn't have to be "something you just do". Information technology can give you the efficiency and flexibility to put you at the front of your market.


icon testimonial2In-Site Technologies is always there when we need them. They proactively monitor our systems and fix problems before we know anything is wrong. They are simply the best."


Practice Manager
Radiation Oncology Group
Stuart FL


icon testimonial2In-Site Technologies have been providing a reliable and invaluable support for our medical business, consisting of five radiation oncology treatment facilities for over three years. We had used the services of other IT companies, but they failed to understand and handle the complexity of our equipment and network. Ron Missick re-engineered and restructured our network and communications to allow us to run our business in a less costly and more efficient way, and provide uninterrupted services to our patients, the importance of which cannot be stressed enough "


Julia Woody
Mid-Florida Radiation Oncology
Stuart FL


icon testimonial2Great and Fast Response Time! They have done everything for us from a new phone system to switching our entire office over to new computers/software. They always have solutions to any problems we have ever had. I highly recommend them!"


Stephanie Valko
Simpson Medical Group
Stuart FL