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PBG Lifestyle Magazine

In-Site Technologies has been working along with the CEO and admin staff to build this network from the ground up. rom its inception PBG Lifestyle Magazine knew that it would be heavily reliant on technology to meet deadlines, effectively communicate with subscribers, advertisers, writers and editors to make sure every issue is published on time.

To make sure that we they could meet their goals and stringent time lines we had to take into consideration every aspect of their industry to make sure that even the emails were delivered with confirmation of receipt. We installed a state of the art server with redundant components to ensure data availability was at 100% up time even in the case of power outages or hard drive failures. The Internet was setup with a secure firewall that can handle dual Internet service providers to ensure that if one goes offline the whole network automatically switches to the backup Internet provider with any human interaction. Data retention and storage is also a primary concern as many of the image files taken by photographers and journalists that are stored are quite large and cannot be easily reproduced. To ensure that even in the event of accidental deletion the file can quickly be restore Microsoft Shadow copy service is enabled that allows the server to make a backup copy of all files once opened or on a schedule. As well as the shadow copy service a real-time backup program was employed that backs up every changed file immediately to an external backup source. We have been working alongside of PBG Lifestyle magazine for 2 years now making sure their needs are always met.