• pbglifstyle1In-Site Technologies has been working along with the CEO and admin staff to build this network from the ground up. rom its inception PBG Lifestyle Magazine knew that it would be heavily reliant on technology to meet deadlines, effectively communicate with subscribers, advertisers, writers and editors to make sure every issue is published on time. To make sure that we they could meet their goals and stringent time lines we had to take into consideration every aspect of their industry to make sure that even the emails were delivered with confirmation of receipt. We installed a state of the art server with redundant components to ensure data availability was at 100% up time even in the case of power outages or hard drive failures. Data retention and storage is also a primary concern as many of the image files taken by photographers and journalists that are stored are quite large and cannot be easily reproduced. We have been working alongside of PBG Lifestyle magazine for 2 years now making sure their needs are always met.

  • sfandj1This is a special & on-going project Consisting of 4 remote offices in South Florida. We recently converted all their offices over to a paperless document management system not only streamlining their work flow but also eliminating an estimated $8600/yr expense for paper, printers, maintenance & toner.

    •Installed 4 enterprise class firewalls to connect all 4 offices in a virtual private network (VPN) to allow secure document, digital X-Ray & scanned image transfer from office to office.
    •Setup an in-house email server to streamline inner-office communication and for effective controlled communication via email with attorneys, insurance companies & referring doctors.
    •Configured a paperless management system and integrated it with thier practice management system. We did this using only their existing hardware and software eliminating the cost of purchasing a commercial solution to accomplish the same goal.
  • vakaniortho1Vakani Orthodontics in an elite orthodontics office that has an affinity for technology and embraces any modern method to save time, money and increase productivity. They Currently have 2 locations networked together to utilize their practice management system and digital X-Ray equipment within both offices effortlessly.
    • Installed 2 business class firewalls to create a secure VPN tunnel for transferring images and patient records between offices.
    • Manage their practice management system.
    • Manage their digital X-Ray equipment.
    • Configured, administer and manage their servers and shared folders.
    • Manage network printers & scanners.
    • Monitor firewalls for network intrusions & threats.
  • coast-logo-sm1This was a unique project that involved very specialized audio & video equipment and controls that maintain the radio station's on-air capabilities. Sound boards, Dj booths, sound proof studios and streaming audio equipment had to all be taken into consideration. We worked with the equipment vendors to ensure the station endured absolutley no down time while completely reconfiguring the existing network.
    • Connected Coast 101.3 to its sister station 150 miles away by deploying two enterprise class firewalls to create a VPN tunnel through the internet. This allowed for the transfer of audio & video files along with office documents from one location to the other over a secure, fast connection.
    • Installed a new network gigabit switch with QOS for faster inner office data transfer.
    • Installed a new Network file server and Domain Controller to securely store files and manage user's security accesses to those files and network login capabilities.
    • Installed a New Data Backup Routine using a realtime backup solution and removable media drive for off-site data storage.
  • PBG Lifestyle Magazine
  • Fl Spine & Joint Centers
  • Coast 101.3 FM

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